Bijou | Good Dog TahoeOur services include


Private In-Home Lessons

Most behavioral issues are best addressed in the dog’s home.  With private lessons you and your dog(s) will be one on one with a professional dog trainer.  Any training issues can be addressed with private lessons.  Some examples of behavioral issues that can be covered with private lessons are obedience training, aggression, or separation anxiety.  There are no contracts.  Fee’s are on a per lesson basis.


Specialized Training

Sometimes you just need some help in getting your dog under control.  Our “Full Specialized Training” program is 21 days. Here they will learn proper etiquette for living in a house with people, how to correctly greet people without jumping, and obedience.  Your dog’s obedience behaviors will be at an advanced level.

  • Leash walking in high distraction environments
  • At least a 15 minute down stay in high distraction environments
  • Reliable recall around distractions

The specialized training program can be done for less than the full 21 days.  It is offered on a per day basis. With Less than the full 21 days program results will vary.


In-Home dog boarding

Prefer to have your best friend stay at home when you go away?  Good Dog now offers boarding for your dogs in your home.  Whether you are going to enjoy the great outdoors of Tahoe for the day, or going on a long vacation we have you covered.  Whatever care your dog needs we will provide.  Contact us today to reserve your dates.