Bijou | Good Dog TahoeFrom puppy classes to private in-home lessons, we have what your dog needs. 

Group Class

  • Basic Obedience– This class will cover sit, down, stay, come, leash walking, and basic doggie manners.  Class is for dogs ages 5 months and up. This class is 6 weeks long.
  • Advanced obedience– In this class we will push all basic obedience to a higher level.  Plus, dogs will learn walking downs, return to heel, and down on recall.  Classes will take place in public places (Heavenly village, Raley’s, etc.)  All dogs must have completed basic obedience before taking this class.  This class is 6 weeks long.
  • Puppy Kindergarten– This class is designed to start you off on the right track with your new puppy.  We cover housebreaking, chewing, care for your puppy, start obedience training and basic puppy manners.  This is a 4 week class.
  • Recall class– Having your dog come back to you when off leash is a very important behavior.  In this class you will learn how to teach your dog a reliable recall.  All dogs must have completed basic obedience before taking this class.

Check calendar for upcoming classes.